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Various questions

From Wifi to gift cards going through the newsletters

You'll find here the list referencing the areas including the code to the wifi (on the last column “wifi”).

You will find the availability in real time directly from the website. Just look for the area you're interested using the search engine. 

The card of the area will display the number of available pitches at that very moment appears in the window.

Find availability area by area in real time directly from the website. 

Search for the area you are interested in using the search engine and see the number of pitches available at time of the consultation.

If the number of places is limited, don't hesitate to use the new feature: Sécuriplace.

For more information on the PACK'PRIVILEGES and Sécuriplace, click here.

With your PASS'ETAPES card, you have access to the services on the area

Minimum price = 5€ for 5 hours*. *the amount may be € 5.50 including tax, depending on the applicable vat rate.

You can leave a review on an area after your stay (and for a maximum of 4 months after the end of your stay) from the website.

Your experiences and feelings are important as they allow the areas to evolve to better meet the expectations of users. 

If you discovered a local artisan who makes excellent honey, a good deal from the friendly local winegrower, a good cheese maker... and you want to share it !! You can send an email with the contact details and your "good deal" might be referenced on the page dedicated to this area.

Just follow this link and decide how you would like to get the current edition of the CAMPING-CAR PARK roadmap.

If you are already a customer, place your order as normal and before the payment stage, enter your gift card code. The corresponding amount will be automatically subtracted from the total of your order.

If you are not yet a customer, start by creating your account and then follow the same method to benefit from your gift card.

The most efficient method consists in clicking on the "unsubscribe" link featured at the bottom of any of the newsletter received from CAMPING-CAR PARK.

Motorhome parking areas are subject to tourist tax, in the same way as hotels, campings and tourist residences are. This tourist tax is collected by CAMPING-CAR PARK and redeemed in its entirety to the local authorities.

You will find more detailed information on the tourist tax within the terms & conditions of the website.