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Reviews Charter

The company CAMPING-CAR PARK SA offers on its website ( and its two mobile applications (CAMPING-CAR PARK and VAN Night) the possibility of rating the motorhome stopovers of the network and posting reviews. The posting of a review by an internet user implies prior acceptance of and compliance with these terms of use. 


The main purpose of the reviews on the website and on the mobile applications is to create a space for our customers (contributors) so that they can freely express their viewpoint. The aim is also to allow customers (visitors) to form an opinion on any motorhome stopover of the network. Comments are posted in the spirit of sharing experience and must be written with respect for others. 

The customer (contributor) is responsible for the content of his messages. 


  • Who can submit a review?

All customers who are logged in to their account and have already stayed at the CAMPING-CAR PARK site or Camping de mon Village for which they want to write a review. 

  • How to submit a review? 

Go to or to one of the two mobile applications CAMPING-CAR PARK or VAN Night

Login to your account
Go to ‘’My account’’ and ‘’My stays’’ ‘’My reviews’’
Once on this page, click on ‘’My past stays’’
Select the stay to evaluate and click on ‘’Submit a review’’
When writing a comment, the customer undertakes to have personally experienced the concerned stopover area in order to leave a review. 

  • Gathering reviews

Reviews are subject to moderation by the CAMPING-CAR PARK teams. We undertake to publish your comment within a maximum of 72 hours. In order to validate the publication of reviews, the website has set up a system for checking, moderating and controlling these reviews. 

Messages written by internet users and complying to this charter will be published on the website and cannot be deleted. 

They cannot be considered as a work and will therefore not be subject to copyright.


Reviews are systematically moderated. Thus, CAMPING-CAR PARK reserves the right, without having to provide any justification, not to put online and to delete at any time reviews including personal information relating to the author of the review or to any third party or which would not seem to be in obvious conformity with the spirit of the website or the requirements. 

If someone has reason to believe that a person is infringing a right that he or she holds or causing him or herm harm, he or she should inform CAMPING-CAR PARK at the following address so that the company can take the necessary measures: 

CAMPING-CAR PARK, 3 rue docteur Ange Guépin, 44210 Pornic, FRANCE



  • presents obscene, discriminatory, sexually explicit or violent, hateful or threatening, racist or inciting racial hatred, anti-Semitic and/or xenophobic remarks, the denial of crimes against humanity and recognised genocides, and the glorification of war crimes and/or terrorism,
  • should not be written in “SMS” language
  • not be written in capital letters (on the Internet this is tantamount to shouting, and could be perceived as aggressive reviews by other visitors),
  • contains random characters or meaningless sequences of words,
  • is badly written as to be incomprehensible,
  • is inappropriate,
  • contains personal information,
  • includes a credit card number, social security number, bank account number, e-mail address, etc,
  • mentions web sites, hypertext links, url, e-mail address or telephone number,
  • is a spam,
  • does not present a description of the experience,
  • proposes advertising messages or small ads,
  • promotes illegal activities (e.g. drugs, prostitution),
  • is defamatory (imputation of an act that is prejudicial to the honour or reputation of the natural or legal person, or of the body to which the act is imputed),
  • contains politically sensitive statements,
  • contains statements related to competition

The website does not have the obligation to warn the author of the review, nor does it have the obligation to justify its decision to delete the message.


The Internet user accepts that in the context of the distribution of reviews, certain personal information concerning him/her may appear such as his/her first name and/or surname. The Internet users’ reviews and personal data are collected and processed by computer for the purposes of managing and distributing reviews. In accordance with the French Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978 amended by the Act of 4 August 2004, Internet users have the right to access, rectify and oppose data concerning them by sending a message or by post to:

CAMPING-CAR PARK, 3 rue docteur Ange Guépin, 44210 Pornic, FRANCE