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CAMPING-CAR PARK is an innovative concept for the management of motorhome stopover areas which are open 24/7 all year round in France and abroad.


The CAMPING-CAR PARK PASS’ETAPES card offers motorhome users access to the stopover areas in the CAMPING-CAR PARK network, and it enables them to benefit from unified invoicing as all services consumed are charged through the card.


The PASS'ETAPES card is issued by CAMPING-CAR PARK, a SAS company with a share capital of 105 665€, registered at Saint-Nazaire with the company number 530 966 233 00039, APE : 5530Z, the VAT number TVA FR19, and its registered office is located at 3 Rue du Docteur Ange Guépin, 44210 PORNIC. It will hereafter be referred to as “the issuing company“ acting on its own behalf, and under a reciprocal agreement, on the behalf of companies or public service concessionaires of stopover areas and stopover area operators which accept the PASS’ETAPES card as a payment method for amounts due at the aforementioned stopover areas.


The purpose of this account is to issue the account holder with a card accepted by stopover area concessionaires and operators at French and foreign stopover areas and service areas in the CAMPING-CAR PARK network, for the payment of amounts due for stays at the aforementioned areas in accordance with the specific conditions detailed in the following annexes.


The account holder of this account is a natural person who the issuing company has issued a PASS’ETAPES card to so they may access its network of stopover areas and services areas.



Unless otherwise stipulated by the issuing company, account subscription and the issuing of a PASS’ETAPES card are subject to the payment of subscription fees.
Any person who wishes to subscribe to this account must provide the issuing company with proof of identity and residence via e-mail.
By signing this application, the applicant accepts the present terms and conditions and annexes detailing the CAMPING-CAR PARK stopover area network use criteria.
The issuing company may refuse the application on legitimate grounds such as the termination of a previous account for fraud or default of payment.


Our pricing formulas are indicated in euros with all taxes included (VAT and other applicable taxes on the date of the order), unless otherwise indicated, and do not include processing and expedition fees. A processing fee of 1.50 euros will be charged for a PASS’ETAPES card sent via the post. The expedition fee will be charged in accordance with the applicable stamp tariff: 1.70 euros for the postal expedition of a PASS’ETAPES card in France Metropolitan and 2.60 euros for the postal expedition of a PASS’ETAPES card to another EEC country.

For orders to a country other than France Metropolitan, you are the importer of the product(s). Customs, duties, or other local taxes or importation fees may be due. These rights and sums are not the responsibility of the CAMPING-CAR PARK company. They will be at your expense and are entirely your responsibility both in terms of statements and payments due with respect to the relevant authorities of your country. We advise you to inquire about these aspects with your relevant local authority.

All orders, regardless of origin, are to be paid in euros.

The CAMPING-CAR PARK company reserves the right to change its prices at any time, but the product will be charged based on the price in force at the time of the order confirmation and subject to its availability at that time.


On the internet :
By telephone to 01 83 64 69 21

Through stopover area concessionaires

Contractual information will be presented in French and will be subject to confirmation upon the validation of your order at the latest. The CAMPING-CAR PARK company reserves the right to not record a payment and to not validate an order for any reason, and in particular in the occurrence of a provisioning problem, or a difficulty processing the order received.


Within the context of the LIBERTE formula, a payment guarantee is required.
The payment guarantee will consist of a bank card authorisation via a cyberplus secured payment.


The right to withdraw from your PASS’ETAPES card purchase applies under the normal conditions specified in article L.221-18 of the French consumer code. You have a statutory period for withdrawal of 14 days on reception of your PASS’ETAPES card to exercise your right to withdraw without having to give any reasons or incur any costs other than those specified in articles L.221-23 to L.221-25. We inform you that the return fees for your PASS’ETAPES card are at your charge. Returns must be sent in their original state and in full (packaging, accessories, leaflet). You are liable in this context, and any damage to the product may lead to the loss of your right to withdraw.
The right to withdraw from the purchase of a PASS’ETAPES card and its options only applies if the card has not been used. Indeed, as soon as a PASS’ETAPES card holder uses the card to access an area, this access is considered full use of services (access to an area with or without stopping overnight).
Reimbursements will be made via the same payment method used to place the initial order.

Please complete and return the following form for withdrawral:

For the attention of the CEO of CAMPING-CAR PARK located at 3 RUE DU DOCTEUR ANGE GUÉPIN in PORNIC 44210 – :
I hereby give you notice that I withdraw from my contract of sale of the following goods: the PASS’ETAPES card. Here are the details of the order :
Ordered on (date)/received on (date) :
Consumer(s) name:
Consumer(s) address:
Consumer(s) signature, (only if this form is delivered in paper form):
Date :

(*) Cross out / delete as appropriate.



The PASS’ETAPES card is valid for life. The booking options and end of the month payment options are valid for a fixed term of one year renewable, and they take effect on reception of the payment and debit authorisation.




PASS’ETAPES card holders must comply with the operating rules and regulations in force in the CAMPING-CAR PARK stopover areas. The card owner is solely responsible for the use of the access card issued to them and agrees to respect all of the instructions for use brought to their knowledge and in particular, the CAMPING-CAR PARK members Charter (see paragraphe VI.2.B).
Failure to respect the PASS’ETAPES card instructions may lead to the degradation of services, thus the card holder may run the risk of invoicing anomalies.
It is the presence of a valid and active card which allows the card holder to  exercise their status and associated prerogatives as a member. Within this context, other forms of transactions for payments due are excluded, even partial ones. If the card holder wishes to pay the amounts due using another method than their member account, then they may not use their PASS’ETAPES card. It is linked to the card holder and can be used by the card holder in different vehicles.
The PASS’ETAPES card holder linked to the CAMPING-CAR PARK account is responsible for the use of their card and for the consumption linked to its use.


The account linked to the PASS’ETAPES card remains the property of the issuing company, which may take the initiative to replace or withdraw the card   if the issuing company terminates the account, or in the case of fraud, card alteration or counterfeit, or card incompatibility with the improvements made to the operating system of CAMPING-CAR PARK stopover areas. In the case of a technical dysfunction of the card, or to prevent an incidents connected with its normal use, the issuing company will replace the card as quickly as possible in exchange for the return of the former card. If upon verification it is apparent that the dysfunction was caused by the card holder, the issuing company will invoice them the cost of the damaged PASS’ETAPES card (see annex). In the absence of a valid and active PASS’ETAPES card, another payment method will be required. Concessionaires or operators of CAMPING-CAR PARK stopover areas are susceptible to retain invalid PASS’ETAPES cards. The card holder is prohibited from renting or selling their access card, and any such actions on their part will result in the immediate termination of their account.
The return of a faulty PASS’ETAPES card for replacement must be done within 10 calendar days.
Beyond this delay, the card will be cancelled and non-restitution fees will be applied (see annex).



A campervan or motorhome refers to any category M1(J) vehicle of the VASP (J.1) type.
In the CAMPING-CAR PARK network of service areas and stopover areas, the PASS’ETAPES card only allows the card holder to pay for their stay in the area with a vehicle which is minimally equipped with a toilet (campervan, motorhome, converted truck or van, or demountable camper).
For demountable campers, it is only authorised to stay in an area, if and only if the demountable attachment is permanently fixed to the vehicle.
The PASS’ETAPES card cannot be used under any other circumstances for any other types of vehicles.


As a member of the CAMPING-CAR PARK network of stopover areas, the card holder is an eco-citizen and commits to:
Maintain the cleanliness in the areas
Respect the environment by using CAMPING-CAR PARK services
Take care not to waste water
Keep their domestic animals on a leash and avoid fouling
Respect the peace and calm of all campervan users
Free their chosen pitch of all personal items upon leaving the CAMPING-CAR PARK stopover area
Participate in the local economy surrounding the stopover area as a tourist (shops, sites, museums, local produce…)
Contribute to the proper functioning of CAMPING-CAR PARK by leaving reviews on the internet and sharing tips and addresses with the other campervan owners on social networks


Under the special circumstances detailed hereafter, the card holder may be charged an increased tariff (20 € inc. VAT maximum corresponding to the cost of a 24H stay in an area):
Invalid exit data (overstaying the time limit for a stay)
Non-respect of access rules
In the absence of valid entry information, the CAMPING-CAR PARK company reserves the right to apply a tariff of 20 € inc. VAT corresponding to the cost of a 24H stay in an area.
In the event of the PASS’ETAPES card or entry equipment malfunctioning upon entry (barrier not opening, no electricity, faulty card reader, etc.…), the card holder must inform the call center, which will then register them manually. Afterwards, they may go and set up on their CAMPING-CAR PARK pitch.
As they will have been registered, the cardholder will be invoiced according to the data recorded by the exit terminal at their hour of departure.
Any card holder in this situation who does not contact the call center upon entry will find that the exit barrier remains closed when they use their PASS’ETAPES card to try and exit. They will need to contact the call center to regularise the situation. In this case, a charge will be applied of 20 € inc. VAT, corresponding to a 24 H stay.


The card holder can only cancel their PASS'ETAPES card use in the case of theft or loss of their card.
Cancellation must be done immediately. A written declaration including mention of the access card number must be sent to authorised points of sale or the issuing company’s call center (letter, fax, e-mail).
The PASS’ETAPES card will be cancelled on reception of the aforementioned declaration. The issuing company cannot be held responsible for the consequences if a card is cancelled by a person who is not the card holder or an authorised representative of the account. On request, a PASS’ETAPES card with a different number will be delivered to the card holder as soon as possible. If the card holder finds the access card which was declared lost or stolen, they must send it via recorded post to the issuing company’s subscription department, or hand it in against a receipt to one of its official points of sale. The use of a PASS’ETAPES card which has been declared lost or stolen by the card holder is considered abusive and may lead to the termination of the account.
If the PASS’ETAPES card is not returned within 30 days, non-restitution fees will be invoiced.



In any instance in which the issuing company requests that the PASS'ETAPES card be returned (for example to replace a card which has been cancelled and then found again by the card holder, or in the case of non-return upon account termination), the card holder must return the card within 30 days from the date on which they are notified by the issuing company. In any case, the access card can be returned in one of the issuing company’s points of sale in exchange for a receipt. Any sums and amounts due through the abusive use of a PASS’ETAPES card in CAMPING-CAR PARK stopover areas will be requested independently of any legal proceedings which the issuing company reserves the right to engage in.  
The PASS’ETAPES card can also be returned to any of the partners in the CAMPING-CAR PARK network.
If the access card is returned in poor condition, damage fees will be charged (see annex).
Failure to return the PASS'ETAPES card within this 30 day period will result in the invoicing of card non-restitution fees (see annex).


The card holder may return their PASS’ETAPES card at any time. If the PASS'ETAPES card is returned in poorly functioning condition, the card will be invoiced at the tariff currently in force. The return of a PASS'ETAPES card shall be done without prejudice regarding the specific conditions relative to management fees in connection with that account.
If the PASS’ETAPES card is returned in poor physical condition (pen markings, scratches…), degradation fees will be invoiced (see annex).


When the card holder changes their address, they must notify the issuing company by letter or email within 30 days, or come forth at one of the points of sale which commercialises membership adhesion to CAMPING-CAR PARK stopover areas.
The Liberté (freedom) Formula:
When the card holder changes their bank card or bank account, they must inform the issuing company and make the relevant modifications in their CAMPING-CAR PARK online account which provides them with the cyberplus payment secured space. These modifications will take effect immediately.
In the event in which these bank card or bank account details are not modified, CAMPING-CAR PARK will proceed to block the PASS'ETAPES card until the bank card details are updated.



The issuing company provides the use statement for the stays completed by the card holder over the course of the previous invoicing period. For each transaction, this use statement specifies the date, time of entry and exit, the total amount inc. VAT for the stay, the name of the CAMPING-CAR PARK stopover area and the visitor’s tax.
The printable electronic invoice and the use statement are the only documents present on the internet platform as the terminal which records the entry and exit to CAMPING-CAR PARK stopover areas constitutes proof of passage.


On the basis of the use statement, the issuing company invoices the amounts due on the part of the card holder for use in the network of stopover areas detailed in article II during the reference period covered, as well as all amounts due by the card holder in connection with their account. The invoice issued specifies the date of collection when applicable, and the card holder’s bank domiciliation. The invoice cannot be considered a final invoice for transactions made by the card holder during the period of reference. All transactions made over this period which do not appear on the statement will be allocated to a future invoice. The digital invoice will be available in PDF form in the membership space for 3 months.
The card holder must provide a valid e-mail address to activate their membership space and access their invoices.


Invoices are payable in euros. For the « Premium » formula the amounts are debited after every use. For the Liberté formula, the amounts are debited during the first days of the month following the period of use in question. The amounts are debited from the bank account linked to the card number indicated on the membership account.


In the case of payment by bank card and if the initial payment is rejected, a second payment transaction of the same amount will be attempted. If the invoice remains unpaid in full, the issuing company will address formal notice to pay to the card holder. In some special circumstances, this formal notice to pay may be preceded by a simple letter containing a second delivery of the invoice. The letter of formal notice specifies:
The amount remaining unpaid on the due date of the last invoice.
Except in the case of special circumstances, the issuing company will apply late fees to the remaining amounts due on the last due date of the invoice as defined by the conditions in L.441-6 of the French commercial code. These fees will be added to the initial amount and all stays completed in CAMPING-CAR PARK stopover areas but not yet invoiced will also be due with immediate effect.
In specific cases, the card holder may be required to return their PASS’ETAPES card. When special circumstances apply, the issuing company may accompany the formal notice and second delivery of the invoice where applicable with suspension measures, and they may block the PASS’ETAPES card until the payment is received. In the case of non-payment within the delay fixed in the formal notice letter, the issuing company will terminate the account in full rights, unless they decide to extend the delay to allow the card holder to pay their dues, a period in which it may maintain the account all while the PASS’ETAPES card remains suspended until reception of payment. The card holder is informed that a PASS’ETAPES card activation delay may be necessary in such a case in which a payment is made after the card has been suspended. In the case of collection through legal proceedings, the card holder will be required to pay the issuing company the additional incurred amounts corresponding to the cost of any proceedings.
The card holder declares that they have acknowledged that the issuing company has a right of subrogation consented to by the operators referred to in article II for the amiable and judicial recovery of the debts allocated to this account.
In the case of non-payment in full of the invoice, the formal notice letter will be preceded by a simple reminder letter or email and the suspension of the PASS’ETAPES card.
In the case of account termination for non-payment, it will not be possible to request a new account for a period of 6 months following the regularisation of the account. During the subsequent 6 months following, a new account subscription will be subject to a payment guarantee (see article IV.2).
The rate for late fees is fixed at 18% per year.


Any amicable claim concerning elements figuring on an invoice will be admitted if received within a delay of 90 days from the invoice issue date. Amicable claims must be communicated by e-mail or letter and addressed exclusively to the issuing company. The address of the registered office is stipulated in the header of invoices. Any claim must mention the PASS’ETAPES card number. A claim does not exempt the card holder of their payment obligations relating to the invoice they are contesting. In the case of a claim, the issuing company will carry out an investigation.
Any rectifications following the investigation will be settled at later date. The issuing company will show proof of the transaction(s) by means of records saved in the information system.
We inform you that if you have any reason to contest the present general terms and conditions, it is possible to take recourse to conventional mediation or any other alternative dispute resolution method as set out in the conditions of the 1st title of Book VI of the French consumer code.
After attempting to amicably resolve litigation by filing your claim with the relevant customer services, and in the case of a negative response or the absence of a response within a delay of sixty days (60) of the referral, you may file your claim with the Mediator for Tourism and Travel. The Mediator’s contact details are as follows: Association de Médiation Tourisme et Voyage (MTV) 17 avenue Carnot 75017 PARIS. You can file a claim with the Mediator within a twelve (12) month delay after the first claim was made.



The card holder will inform the issuing company of their wish to terminate the present account either at a CAMPING-CAR PARK stopover area point of sale, or by recorded post with a letter addressed to the issuing company. The termination will take effect upon return of the PASS'ETAPES card and after payment of all outstanding amounts due.
Account termination cannot be taken into account without the return of the PASS’ETAPES card. A termination fee of 12 euros inc. VAT will be invoiced for each terminated account.


The issuing company may terminate the CAMPING-CAR PARK account as of right, in the case of the card holder’s failure to perform any one of their associated obligations (in particular in the case of fraud, or partial or full non-payment of amounts due). In the case of failure to perform any one of their obligations, the termination of the card holder’s account will take effect immediately and without notice, and the issuing company will inform the card holder by email specifying the effective date of termination.


In the case of termination, the issuing company will invoice the amounts due to the present account holder.


In addition to seizing a territorially competent court according to the code of civil procedure, the client may choose to seize the legal jurisdiction where they were living at the time when the contract was concluded or when the harmful event occurred. French law shall be solely applicable to this account.


The issuing company reserves the right to make changes to the present terms and conditions. These changes will be brought to the attention of the card holder. If the card holder does not accept these changes, they will have to terminate the account as set out by the conditions in art. XII-1. The absence of a written response on the part of the card holder within a delay of one month constitutes acceptance on their behalf. All parts of the tariff structure may be revised, notably concerning variations in tariffs for stays, and they will not thus be subject to an amendment. Changes related to tariffs for stays are applicable as soon as they come into force.


We kindly inform the subscriber of the existence of a Personal Data Privacy Charter which is available here.

The subscriber is kept informed of the Personal Data Privacy Charter available here. 
CAMPING-CAR PARK undertakes not to disclose your personal data to other companies for marketing purposes. In conformity with the legal requirements L223-1 and L223-2 of the French Consumer Code, we inform you that “when a business collects telephone data from a consumer, it shall inform the consumer of his or her right to register on the Do Not Call List”. Thus, “the consumer who does not wish to be canvassed commercially by telephone can register free of charge on a Do Not Call List.” (


Access to a stopover area including services:

5 h in the area: 5,00€ ; the amount can be 5,50€ inc. VAT, according to the VAT rate in effect.
24 h in the area: between 7,00€ and 16,00€ according to the area and the season of stay. In most areas the prices vary according to a «high-season» and «low-season».
All of the tariffs are mentioned on the area pages in their descriptions and in accordance with their seasons as defined. The visitor’s tax included in the price of stay is also mentioned.
The visitor’s tax will be invoiced to the Pass’Etapes card holder. The card holder must declare the number of persons present during the stay in the area to the CAMPING-CAR PARK customer services. The card holder must pay the visitor’s tax in force in that territory.
Be careful, if you stay for longer than 5h in an area, you will be invoiced for 24h. Similarly, if you stay more than 24h in the area, a new invoice for 24h will be issued.

Purchase of a PASS’ETAPES card:
Purchase: 5,00€ and your card is valid for life
In the case of loss or damage: 10.00€ with postal expedition or 5.00€ when distributed by an automatic terminal at a site entrance.

Return of a PASS’ETAPES card:
If a Pass’Etapes card is returned in poor physical condition (pen markings or scratches), whether returned on the initiative of the issuing company or the card holder, damage fees equal to the tariff in force for the purchase of a card will be invoiced.
If the Pass’Etapes card is not returned in due course, non-restitution fees equal to the tariff in force for a card purchase will be invoiced.

29.00€, valid 1 year from the date of purchase

The PACK’PRIVILEGES bought for 29€ is valid for 1 year. All the PACK’PRIVILEGES bought after the 14/04/2020 will be renewed on their maturity date by tacit agreement for one additional year. In accordance with article  L. 215-1 of the French consumer code and via a dedicated electronic e-mail address, CAMPING-CAR PARK will inform you of the option to not renew the PACK’PRIVILEGES by tacit agreement at least 3 months prior and at the latest 1 month prior to the end of the authorised period for refusing renewal. On reception of this e-mail you will have a delay of 1 month to inform us that you do not wish to renew either by e-mail or by recorded post (at the latest 1 month before the end of the validity of the PACK’PRIVILEGES) addressed to CAMPING-CAR PARK, Service Relation Clients – PACK’PRIVILEGES, 3 rue du Docteur Ange Guépin – 44210 Pornic.

For purchases made before the 14/04/2020, the PACK’PRIVILEGES will stop one year after the date of purchase. You may order it again if needed, on or after its expiration date.

COVID-19 solidarity campaign from 30/04/2020 to 18/05/2020

All the PACK’PRIVILEGES bought for 58.00€ on and after the 30th April 2020 – 17h will be valid for 2 years. After 2 years, they will be renewed by tacit agreement for one more year.
8€ of these 58€ will be donated to the Hospital Foundation of Paris Hospitals of France.

10 years campaign from 23/03/2021 17:00 to 19/04/2021 12:00

All PRIVILEGES PACKs purchased between 23/03/2021 17:00 and 19/04/2021 12:00 are valid for 14 months instead of 12 months.
After these 14 months, they will be renewed by tacit agreement for an additional year.
They are sold at the price of 29€. 


Reminder: The tariff of the booking option with cancellation insurance is 29.00€ / year.

Article 1: Booking.

Prices are applicable for one night, from midday to midday.  A customer having subscribed to the PACK’PRIVILEGES and having booked on the internet is irrevocably bound to accept these present Terms and Conditions of Sale, and the booking cannot be thrown into question unless article 2 applies.
The booking of a stay (from midday to midday) must only be undertaken during the validity period of the PACK’PRIVILEGES.
It is not permitted to park for more than 21 days over a given 30 day period. The PASS’ETAPES card holder will have to wait 30 days before returning to the same area.

Article 2: Cancellation or change

All the costs incurred because of a booking cancellation or change will be due to CAMPING CAR PARK.
Any booking made by a customer on the internet corresponds to the creation and processing of the customer file. Any cancellations or changes must be confirmed through handwritten notice to us or by e-mail.
For any booking cancellations or changes, fees will be applied as follows:

Delay from cancelation/modification booking dates to dates of stayChange (1)Cancellation
Less than 2 days100% of the value of the stay100% of the value of the stay
(1) Only changes to dates will be authorised

We cannot however guarantee the availability of a pitch when a change is made. Consequently, in the occurrence where a change is not possible, the customer will have to accept the original booking or they will be subject to the cancellation conditions laid out in article 2.

Article 3: No-show.

In the case where a customer is not present at an area on the day of their scheduled booking, the total booking amount will still be due to CAMPING CAR PARK.

Article 4: Conditions for reimbursement

For an amount inferior to 100.00 €, it will be paid back to the customer’s  CAMPING-CAR PARK account to be used freely across the whole network using their PASS’ETAPES card, with no time limit.
For amounts superior to 100.00€, a reimbursement can be made on request, by cheque or bank transfer (UE customers only). Processing and handling fees of 12.00€ inc. VAT will be deducted for each booking cancellation.
Date of last update: 13 June 2023

Consult the previous version of the Terms and Conditions of Use and General Terms and Conditions of Sale.