Your browser does not support JavaScript! CAMPING-CAR PARK - The 1st European network of stopover sites and services areas

The areas of the network

Everything you need to know about the areas

I choose the CAMPING-CAR PARK area network for:


  • Its 250 service or stopover areas in France, accessible 24 hours a day with my personal PASS'ÉTAPES card
  • Its proximity: the sites are always close to the city center and/or places of interest (lakes, ski resort, beach, etc.)
  • Its services included in the price: service terminal, selective sorting, stabilized pitches of at least 35m²
  • Its security: the areas are closed and accessible with an automated gate. More and more sites are equipped with video surveillance
  • Its respect for the environment: I drain in the places provided for this purpose, I recycle and I sort.



  • I can book my pitch (on most areas) with the PACK'PRIVILEGES
  • I can contact the multilingual customer service, 7 days a week at
  • I am an actor in the network: I improve the quality of the areas by giving my opinion. I participate in the maintenance and development of upcoming areas. I share my tips with other motorhome users.

I find the areas of the network:

  • By downloading this list, which provides information on the areas currently open with their GPS coordinates and the WIFI codes that can be used on the areas.

  • On this website or the application on which the map offers information on the areas, their GPS coordinates and WIFI codes.

  • On the CAMPING-CAR PARK roadmap. Available in town halls and tourist offices located near our areas, you can also order it (at a cost) from the website or by calling the customer service 

We regularly open new areas. Do not hesitate to subscribe to the newsletter and follow us on Facebook to be kept informed of new openings.

There are two prices depending on the length of stay:

  • Up to 5 hours: 5€ * (except promotional offers & special prices)

  • More than 5 hours = 24 hour rate = 10 to 12 € on average depending on the season and destination

  • The services available in the area and the tourist tax are included in the price

 * The amount may be 5.50€  including the taxes, depending on the applicable VAT rate.

I order my PASS'ETAPES access card (from the website or the app in advance or directly on the area with the automaton)

Once I have my PASS'ETAPES access card:

  1. I arrive in front of the area and recharge my account (recommended). I then approach my motorhome 30 cm from the barrier

  2. I put the card in front of the keypad of the green terminal

  3. The barrier opens and I enter. I can now park freely on my pitch

I use the services and exit the site by scanning my card in front of the keypad at the green terminal. With the PASS'ÉTAPES card, I enter and exit the site as many times as I want.

The credit will be deducted when you exit the site (according to the time spent on the area).

The services included in most of our sites are:

  • The service terminal (drinking water to refill the motorhome, battery recharge, European plug to recharge the motorhome batteries, draining platform for wastewater).

  • Selective sorting: depending on the municipality, selective sorting of waste can be organized differently, the rules are displayed on each area.

  • 35m² stabilized pitches on the areas.

Other services are sometimes present on the sites like:

  • Individual electrical terminals (power between 2A and 10A depending on the area)

  • Other services specific to the areas (shuttles, discounts on ski passes or spas, gas bottles delivery, sanitary facilities open in summer, video surveillance for your safety, etc.)

The Wifi is available for free in some of our areas, via a wifi network secured by a password (see the areas’ list) or via its email address.

Refer to the information provided online or on the roadmap to know all the services offered in a specific area.

The stay limit in a CAMPING-CAR PARK area is 21 days over a period of 30 days (with an interval of one month to return to the same area).

If I stay for several days, I top up my account regularly so that my balance is not negative.

However, some areas accept longer stays (subject to acceptance by our Customer Service).

The CAMPING DE MON VILLAGE areas can also accept longer stays (more than 21 days), which are subject to acceptance by our Customer Service and need to be paid in advance.

Several projects to open areas in Europe are currently being studied with the local authorities. Do not hesitate to subscribe to the newsletter and follow us on Facebook to be kept informed of new openings.

Tents, caravans and other vehicles not equipped with sanitary facilities are prohibited in the CAMPING-CAR PARK areas.

They are accepted in the CAMPING DE MON VILLAGE labeled areas, only during the period when the sanitary facilities are open (these dates vary depending on the area).

Find more information on our website where you will find explanations concerning the concept, its operation and the advantages of this new brand.

The sites are open 24h/24 all year round (some are closed in winter, some in summer).

The telephone assistance is available from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. (from 7 a.m. to midnight in high season).

Refer to the information provided online about the specific area to find out if it is open (or closed).

The areas are divided into two classifications:

  • parking
  • camping

Depending on this classification it is authorized or not.

Find the information regulating the use of barbecues or garden furniture by reading the charter located at the entrance to each of our areas.

If in doubt, you can contact the customer service.

Dogs are admitted if they are kept on a leash and do not damage the areas.

On certain CAMPING-CAR PARK* areas, a second vehicle may be authorized (small car, motorbike, quad, etc.) on condition that it fits on a trailer or in the hold and that it is always parked on the pitch with the motorhome.

If you want to enter and exit the area with your second vehicle, booking the pitch is mandatory. To do so, you need to purchase a PACK'PRIVILÈGES (29 €, valid for one year) and reserve your pitch on the area of your choice from the website or the CAMPING-CAR PARK mobile application. (Android or iOS). For any reservation, you can also call on our Customer Service.

*To find out if the CAMPING-CAR PARK area where you want to stay accepts second vehicles, call the Customer Service on 01 83 64 69 21.

I quickly call the customer service*, which will try to resolve the problem immediately or transfer the information to the technical service.

* +33 1-83-64-69-21 (non-surcharged call), 7 days a week, 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. (7 a.m. to midnight in high season)

I look at the message written on the screen of the green terminal at the exit:

  • "Insufficient credit/ crédit insuffisant": I top up my account at the machine or by phone
  • "Move your vehicle forward/ avancez votre véhicule": I am too far away, I move my motorhome forward 30cms from the gate
  • "Contact the customer service/ contactez le service client": I contact the customer service* 
  • No message or no power: I contact the customer service*

* +33 1-83-64-69-21 (non-surcharged call), 7 days a week, 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. (7 a.m. to midnight in high season)

The CAMPING-CAR PARK areas do not have sanitary facilities (this explains why they are not open to caravans, tents and any other vehicle not equipped with sanitary facilities).

On the other hand, all our CAMPING DE MON VILLAGE sites have sanitary facilities; open especially in summer (find the exact opening dates online).

Find more information on our website where you will find explanations concerning the concept, its operation and the advantages of this new brand.

I immediately contact the customer service at +, who will tell me the procedure to follow. Telephone assistance is open from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. (7 a.m. to midnight in high season). Outside these hours and if necessary, I contact the competent authorities.